Thursday, 29 September 2011

General Update...

I'm still not so good at regular updates, but in my defense, last time I posted, I posted 3 posts in one go... yo dawg I heard you like posts so I posted post after post so you can read posts when you're done reading posts...ahahaha

Last time I wrote, I wrote about my binge on hosts and clothes.. am kind of paying for it now with my lack of money, and lack of genuine men wanting to mail me, but with a week or so until next payday I can live with it! I'm supposed to move into the new apartment a few days after payday but theres apparently a few issues with the gas and stuff so I might not get to move in at all.. it kind of explains why the last tenant left so hastily though >.< hopefully it'll all work out but my mindframe right now is that shit happens so if it doesn't happen it doesn't, if it does, it'll be cool ^^

I've pretty much spent the past few weeks drunk on my days off, or spending my days off sleeping off the alcohol. I should probably explain; I have a favourite bar here in Tokyo, in Takadanobaba, where the staff are awesome (bar the stupid ex-boyfriend but hes no longer working there) and the customers are all regulars and all accept the fact that I can't speak the best Japanese, and still look after me. They've taught me to play darts, looked after me when I've been sad or too drunk, taken me to other bars, all sorts of stuff, and I love them so much :) Sooo it was Kazuki's birthday a few weeks ago and naturally I stayed the whole time, drinking with them until about 8am.. I know I got to bed at 10am anyway, then I had to go meet Hama, the adorable barman, at 4pm so I couldn't sleep so much >.< anway, here are some pictures from that night/morning:

Kazuki, the birthday boy

Kyo (the bars owner), two people who's names I don't remember, Kazuki and me

Another one who's name I don't remember, and Kyo

The most adorable barman ever, Hama

Next day was the awesome typhoon *rolls eyes* Like I said, I went to meet with Hama for a few hours but by the time he had to go to work...the trains had all been cancelled *cries* I had to stay at a Net Cafe all night because I was so hungover I just couldn't face another night in the some point, Kazuki and two of the others from the previous night turned up and ordered everyone tequila (having not yet been home) and that was when I decided it was good to leave... I watched some ANTM and napped in the little cubicle lol. I slept with a little rabbit plushie that looks JUST like an alpaca that Hama won for me at the game centre earlier.. it's name is Little Charlie cause Charlie is Hama's bar nickname hahaha this causes lots of me going 'CHARRRRRLIIIIIIIIEEEEEE' because I watch too much Charlie the Unicorn on YouTube...

Other than this little adventure, I've been working and focusing on getting through to payday.. I'm definitely getting my visa sponsored by my company so I'm more or less definitely staying here another year at least... I've been feeling really super lonely cause aside from not having lots of money in case the apartment happens in the end, I'm not really seeing many people other than at work until payday in October happens and I'm missing company...there's minor developements in that I'm back in touch with a guy in England who I *really* like that I've been involved with before but I kind of fucked him off because I was freaked like, I'm in this country for who knows how much longer, and I think it's unlikely he'll come visit out here so I'll not actually see him for a while etc but now we're back in touch he's keeping me at arms length until he decides I'm not going to do the same thing again.. I don't know lol, who knows what I'm going to end up doing some days; sometimes I want to stay forever, somedays I want to go home after this visa is up... I'm going to keep on applying for the work visa and see how I feel next year I guess... it's hard!!!