Friday, 16 December 2011

Useless buys post :D

not really, there's an actual post under the buys ^^

the buys

adidas hi-tops ^^ just under 5000JPY @ ABC Mart

Knit hat, around 2000JPY from Shinjuku Alta

Assorted bath salts including a ginger and chili pack, a hot milk bath pack, and a ginger tea pack

Batman underwear from Aimerfeel

Back photo.. pink pair have wierd back but it's kind of cool ^^.. 2000JPY for both

Random apartment photo.. newly acquired TV from Nicola, new airer for my laundry, pink stacking baskets moved from bedroom, and little pile of Christmas presents from home ^^ the gap by the presents is for a Christmas tree

Everything is tired these days.. working 6 days this week, and also getting a cold it seems so I'm generally run down and meh.. used the ginger tea bath salt and it helped a little so bedtimes now. Also have heating restored in the apartment so I'm warm again be honest, the next few days are about getting through to Monday night so I can see the boyfriend again! We had a proper date on Tuesday as a late birthday date for him, and it was lovely ^^ normally we only get a few hours together, and sometimes its overnight so we're sleeping so last week when he finished work at midnight Monday night and didn't start til midnight on Tuesday meant we had a whole day and night to spend was fantastic!

I had a proper good sleep as at that point the apartment didn't have heat so I was rolling around in his warm bed taking up all the room ^^ I got new extensions at Rhythm, as recommended by Nicola, as Yu House hair wasn't the best last time, and it was SO QUICK! Last time I went to Yu House was with Mitsu and our appointment started at 2.30 and we didn't leave until about 5.30/6pm. At Rhythm, my appointment was at 1pm and I left at around 2.30pm! They didn't press me to talk, which I found Yu House always tried to do, and the hair quality was awesome! The braids somehow seem better also; they are super super tight and it was actually a little sore at some times having them put in but I'm guessing this means the exte will stay secure longer! This time I got longer extensions, to my stomach almost, and I had red blended into them as well as an aubergine-y dark purple... I wanted to dye my hair darker before having the exte put in but I wasn't able to.. after seeing this purple colour though, I think next month I'll try and get my hair that colour, or a more dark chocolate colour, and get it meshed in again, or even a whole head... school weren't too happy about me having all red hahaha.. Like I said, they were lovely the whole time, didn't press me to talk much, just left me a pile of magazines, and some tea so next time I think I'll take a book and make use of the relaxing time!

So I met the boyfriend at Starbucks in Lumine Est and we wandered around Lumine and Alta and headed to Koenji so he could find something he wanted for his birthday (he chose some tshirt for a metal band haha) then wandered some more.. I like Koenji so it was nice to just walk and look ^^ I mentioned I wanted to go to see the Christmas illuminations at Tokyo Dome so off we went, and had some more relaxing time looking at the lights, and then watching the Christmas water/light show. I bought some stuff from Lush in L'Aqcua, as well as some more character socks in Koenji.. I must have close on 20 pairs now haha one day I'll photo them all and make a post of it.. I stopped at LABI to buy a heater for my room so I wasn't so deathly cold, and then it was time to head home. We discussed my visiting his parents in a few weeks for New Year, and we also talked about him joining me on a visit to England when I come for a friends wedding in June if we are still dating when it comes around and we're both in agreement that we want to get to that stage with each other so I am super comfortable and happy right now ^^ will take some photos of our sappy couples Christmas, as well as works Christmas event on Sunday :D

Thursday, 8 December 2011


i find myself being super busy lately, and not having the time, or the willpower, to write, so maybe tonight will just be short and effortless but i'm going to put some pictures in there too!!