Wednesday, 7 September 2011

welcome to the new beginning

i thought about blogging earlier this week but i was worried about the situation with my boyfriend and thought i'd put it off so it wasn't depressing as soon as it started, but then he decided to break up with me by mail and i decided i needed to start writing something again so i can vent a little..
so i used to have this blog, and i sucked at updating but now i feel inspired to start up again. it's redesigned, reinvented...almost like me..

this will be a mix of written posts, outfit posts and gets posts, so i'll start with an introduction and some photos of my buys from the last month.

i'm lucie, i'm 24 and i live in chiba, japan. i teach some amazing kids at a school here in chiba, and spend the rest of my time trying desperately to buy out the glad news stores. now that i'm all free and single, and it's payday next week, i'm all in for making myself feel awesome and that will start with my appearance, which is why i wanted to start this. kind of charting my progress? who knows!

so anyway. here are some photos of me, and my buys. enjoy.

all these pictures are me with the beautiful and lovely nicola of graphic noise . she's been an amazing friend since we met, just awesome.

ok gets.. these are glad news bar the shoes and the grey sweater onepiece which are heaven and earth. the union jack top was a birthday gift from a friend who couldn't meet me on my birthday last month.

i hope you all stop by ^^