Thursday, 8 September 2011

ask me...

...but mostly i'll tell you all without you having to ask :P

Mitsu posted this on her tumblr so I think it's a tumblr meme but....I freaking suck at tumblr, and I can't sleep so I'm going to answer the questions without anyone asking ;)

1. My now ex-boyfriend, Shunta
2. Shy at first, then more outgoing
3. Nicola, Ellie and Kimberley, on Tuesday. And my school boyfriend, Riku, on Sunday
4. I think so ^^
5. Yes, but regretted it quickly!
6. I haven't had time to like anyone again since Shunta!
7. I'd like it... but who knows?
8. Sorry if I'm repeating myself, but Shunta! I still want to know why! Otherwise, the cute guy I saw in Village Vanguard on Tuesday
9. Not at all ;)
10. No idea >.<
11. "i cant eat some food during job time... hungry lol" from silly host
12. I don't feel good about it but I can't be against it, I've had one
13. They are something I live with haha
14. YES!
15. I had a wonderful time with Shunta, even though it's ended
16. Yes.
17. It'd be cool, as long as it wasn't like... War of the Worlds type!
18. Nopes, but we somehow live in the same city...
19. Lol yes!
20. They're really nice people :)
21. Biting my nails when I'm unhappy, grinding my teeth when I sleep
22. Hokkaido, Okinawa, Korea, Prague
23. Sometimes...
24. The moment I get into bed at night :)
25. My tummy
26. Ignore as many alarms as possible... then make tea
27. I wish it was a little less blemished!
28. Izzy and her family :)
29. Ha not one! We broke up for reasons!
30. Yes please!!
31. It is indeed, it's in one now
32. Hmmmmmmmm... I'll get back to you on that...
33. lkujvfujhe
34. Noooo
35. TV
36. Yups
37. "Well this is awkward"
38.  Nopes
39. Glad News, Village Vanguard, Forever 21, Heaven&Earth
40. Lots of stuff that I didn't do after high school!
41. I really do
42. Either I'm sad, or I'm just listening!
43. Yes :)
44. Bottom of the ocean with the fishies and megalodon please :D
45. Noooo
46. Dying alone?
47. They said it behind my back. That I was a skank who deserved STD's (this was from someone who had got one and was complaining why did she have one and I didn't...)
48. That my tummy was awesome and they loved it :'(
49. No.
50. Japanese!! I live here, I need to knowwww!!!

I hope that was interesting, I'm not sure if it was or not >.<