Thursday, 15 September 2011


This is the final post for tonight, while I'm on a roll! This will be about my hair extensions, which I finally got today!
I was recommended to go to Yu House by Nicola, and I was happy to take her advice having read her blog post on her experience there (linklinklink).

She really kindly booked us both in for a cut and extensions however at the last minute she was given a uni deadline so she couldn't make it... I grew a pair and went for it alone, although I did some panicky mailing to her when I couldn't find it and became late (super sorry about that!!!)

They were really nice and really helpful about trying to explain things to me, although I didn't realise they had forgotten about the cut until it was too late! I left my hair the natural colour but had some ash blonde woven through to make it look a little different, and I'm super happy with the end results! I'm not entirely up on the system of how many extensions you get for what price but the total cost of my extensions was 7500yen which I'm more than happy to pay. It was a nice atmosphere, and although it took a little under 2 hours in the salon, I was happy to sit with my tea and read the magazines.. anyway here's some terrible pictures of me in my pjs with my new exte, and one of my alpaca slippers I won from a UFO catcher when I was with Ellie ^^

derp faces because my makeup sweated off hahaha

they're so cuuuuuuuuuuute!

bonus picture! this is my desk... you can see most of my alpaca, and all my host flyers, business cards and the fan I got yesterday :D