Thursday, 8 September 2011

this is the house that nobody lives

so after my bad start to the week, i want to make some changes to my life and generally stop the stress that comes with it, and today it started in a really positive way...

First, a couple of photos... this is a really bad outfit of the day photo! The remperature is starting to come down, or at least the humidity is, so I wore my Heaven&Earth sweater/onepiece, with my engineer boots, although i'm not wearing those in the photo..

I've also had an issue with contact lenses recently; my final set of regular lenses broke and for some reason only two of my coloured lenses are comfortable to wear.. only problem is, one is a brown lens and one is a green one! So when I wear the lenses I have different coloured eyes >.< It's not too noticeable here but you can sort of see that one is a lot darker than it should be!

Sorry for my terrible hair, I had already been out, and couldn't see the point in straightening it for a few photos haha


So onto some changes! Next week will be fun as I've got a few dates with Nicola again; Tuesday to shop a bit and get my eyes checked so I can get new contact lenses, then Thursday to get my hair cut and extensions! I've been waiting to get extensions til after summer because it was just so hot and I didn't want to deal with that so I'm super excited! I will also be meeting Ellie, and a new friend, Kimberley, on those days too, and having a bit of a girly one with a trip or two to some host clubs... obviously at a nice cheap price ahahaha...

But the biggest change came today. Since I decided that I will accept my companys offer to sponsor my work visa for when my WHV runs out I have been trying to save so I can get an apartment and have an actual home instead of living in a guesthouse for more than 1 year....and today I found one! I was panicking about the amount of money I would have to save but this one will only be one months rent as security deposit and that's it!!! Even better, it's all bills and internet included, and has some furniture already so I don't have to worry about anything except how I'm going to carry all my stuff there!! The location is nice too, it's in Makuhari-Hongo, on the Sobu local line which means I'm all on one train line to get to work and to get to Shinjuku.. I won't be moving til October as I need to give a months notice to my current landlord but I'm super excited to have my own place! It's in a really quiet residential area too, and right on the edge of a hill so it's got amazing views :D Here are some pictures from the advert:

In the final photo it's the house right in the corner ^^

So changes are everywhere and I'm super happy they've come at this time; now I can focus on building an awesome life for the next few years :)