Thursday, 15 September 2011


I'm doing a multi-post day today; I wanted to write about so much!

The first segment of my posts will be on hosts :D

Now I haven't been to Kabuki-cho for the purpose of host clubbing since I last saw Mitsu in April time but when Shunta ended it I felt it was probably the best place to head to; instead of going out and getting wasted and kissing some disgusting guy, I can drink for 90 minutes whilst talking to beautiful men who are flirting away and funny, and I don't have to think 'ohhh does he like me' lol I know where I stand and I can just enjoy being looked after haha

I met my new friend Kim and we mooched around for a little, being amused by the boys, and being spoken terrrrible English by 3 of the shiniest hosts I've ever seen, then when we were about to give up we were approached and went with this be-leopardprinted guy to Bolero which was super far away even though the guy had said 'ohhh it's not far...' >.<

It was quiet but nice, and we met all the hosts and had a lovely time proving we are stronger drinkers than they are. There was comedy when they started telling us they had penises like anacondas (complete with swishing movements), and they weren't scared to help with my Japanese, or try to say something in English which was nice. Eventually we chose our guys; Kim had Syota and I had Koji who was pure adorable. We left and exchanged mails. I inexplicably bought a bottle of Spiritus (96% proof Polish spirit) and we went to karaoke, where we were later joined by Koji and Syota again. Syota pushed his luck with Kim as she's married but he wasn't backing off til eventually Koji told him off, and hit on me super heavy. First train rolled around and instead of going home, off I went to a hotel with Koji, had a little fun and then slept through to 4pm when he had to get his hair set for work and I needed to meet Nicola.

Now, the previous week, I had met a host named Yu who is just so young and innocent looking! We exchanged mails and mailed back and forth for a week as I tried to find time when I would come to Kabuki to go to his club and I had gone to meet another friend, Ellie, a few days after my exploits with Kim and he found us on the street~! I didn't think he would recognise us but he came over and sat with us and talked for a little while, practising his English. Eventually he had to go because his co-workers were staring and I think he got into a little trouble for not trying to get us to the club... eventually we felt bad cause he was trying so hard to get girls to go but no-one was going so we agreed to go. This time it was New Generation~ Virgo and this one was a lot nicer than Bolero in terms of interiors. It seemed sparser in terms of hosts though... fortunately here we met the lovely lovely Kenji who spoke fluent English and was more than happy to sit with me after Ellie left for her last train and laugh at my comments on the other hosts; I know thats his job and everything but it was just the kind of thing I needed.. a drinking buddy who was hot and laughing with me lol!! I feel bad cause I said I probably wouldn't go back because it's so expensive after the first visit but he has already mailed saying its his birthday event tomorrow and I should come.. again I know its his job to do that to all his clients but still, he was fun to talk to!!

I have MISSED host clubs! I enjoy them so much haha I can't wait until Mitsu gets back to hit some more up, and I really wanna go to Club Prince! Hosts, come at me bro!