Thursday, 15 September 2011

latest buys

 This will just be images of  my latest gets from Glad News, seeing as payday was on Monday ^^
This is a lovely warm asymetrical cardigan that was a set with the fleecy black scarf with skulls on it.. it's going to be one of my autumn/winter favourites I can tell already...
This cardigan was totally sold to me based on the shop staffs co-ord...I love it and want to go back and get the shirt she was wearing underneath it too... I love the stud buttons and the skull detail ^^

I bought this because all my Glad News tends to be the more extreme clothing and I need some basics too! I love the skull print, and it looks so cute under the cardigans ahaha...sorry about the gross photo though, I had just washed it and it's all wrinkled!

I think I like the Lumine Est Glad News branch much better than the 109 store... It's more open and less claustrophobic than the 109 store, plus I've found that the shop staff don't harrass you as much... They're lovely lovely girlies but I HATE trying to browse clothes and having them tell you all the details about it, especially once I've told them I don't understand them!!!