Saturday, 29 October 2011


OK so I'm going to start the tales of my weekend so far!

The first part of the weekend was that I had two days off in a row which almost never happens for me so I was determined to enjoy them! On Thursday I met Mitsu for an exte date at Yu House which was super fun; it's nice having something like that done when you're with someone instead of just sitting there in silence for the two hours or whatever lol it was also nice having my hair trimmed, even just a little; its been a while! I got normal length after hearing the price for longer and then had some red and pink strands mixed in to give it a little bit of a rockier edge ^^ There was a comedy moment where Mitsu was telling them I wanted pink and Bordeaux strands and they were like "Bordeaux...? OHHH! Red." haha that amused us...
We finished in the salon and did two pitstops at Forever21 and WC for some shoes and a tshirt I've been coveting, then went to meet Alanna in Shinjuku. She was running late so we went to Glad News in Lumine Est and I found the spiked headband I've been dreaming of and obviously immediately bought it.. shaaaame..

We went to good old Shirokiya and devoured gyoza and kiwi sours then headed into the night to win alpacas and take purikura. We wanted to take Alanna to a host club so we walked Kabukichou a little trying to get a good deal.. I don't know, it was Thursday night and getting late so there wasn't many people in the street so it was kinda sucky so we tried heading for Club Prince as I've always wanted to go, and for a good club, its not too expensive first time round, unlike places like Air but unfortunately Alanna didn't have ID so they wouldn't let us in so we went back to the night and made the impulse decision to go to a club named Shalala after they stopped us on the street. I've been flyerd by them before and they always have cute boys so I thought heyy give it a shot but unfortunately it has to be hands down the worst club experience I've personally had.. the other customers were giving us dirty looks, our hosts weren't attractive, and they didn't even have the personality to make up for it; we left before out 60 minutes were up and headed for our homes.

So yesterday (Friday), Kari from Karisuma Gyaru came down to Tokyo and we had planned originally that we would go to some host clubs then to Atom but my cold is getting progressively worse and we decided to see how the night progressed (in the end we did just what we planned haha)... We mooched around Kabukichou waiting for good cheap shokai to start our night and got picked up to be taken to the lovely sounding club Infection BUT they wouldn't let us in once they realised that I don't speak Japanese so good so we were immediately back out on the street. Thankfully a cute guy stopped us and we double checked it was OK about my poor language skills and were taken to Club Aril (strange name, no?). It was a small club, and not too busy but the hosts were mostly cute and really funny.. there was one host though... he was so annoying! All I wanted him to do was shut up and lord did he know it hahaha but he was unphased by it and spent his time on Kari instead *wise move bro* then he finally went away and was like "I'm sorry you didn't like me".. I'm thinking whatever dude, I'm here to talk to guys I like not annoying ones in shiny white suits who keep shouting about their number 3 ranking thanks! Eventually we picked our guys; Kari got in first and picked the guy who sent us to the club who was adorable so I was like who to pick who to pick, and eventually chose Tatsuya, a skinny guy with longish hair that had a kinda cute smile haha.. after that we tried Club Prince but this time they said it was too late and we wouldn't have time to have a full hour so Club Prince is being stored for a rainy day it looks like... Mitsu had recommended Club Fantasy, and since its right near Club Prince, and Kari had wanted to go for her birthday but it was shut, we went to test it out. It definitely made up for the previous nights disappointment! The hosts were all super hot, they had a little show where they danced to K-Pop, one guy came out in nothing but some toilet paper covering his modesty, another set his boxers on fire (not sure why) but it was so entertaining and funny, and the atmosphere was fun too.. I liked this club but it was more on the expensive side; 5000yen for the hour or so we were there... I would maybe go back for a special occasion; a birthday or a treat or something, because it had such a good atmosphere, but my rule with host clubs is only go once for the cheap first visit prices and then never return hahaha it gets too expensive otherwise!

I don't remember too much of the rest of the night other than after that club we went to Yoshinoya and got some food then headed to Atom in a taxi.. I didn't know what to expect really but it was a bit too packed for me... sometimes that's OK but after a while of being smushed around into people it got on my nerves a bit, although I had a good time in there! We went to karaoke until the morning then returned back to my apartment, where I have spent the rest of the day mooching about feeling worse for wear! Big Halloween party at school tomorrow so I wanna be on my game! I have to spend the day in my Stitch kigurumi amusing the kids so hopefully it'll be fun!

Lots of text and no photos; I don't know why I didn't think to take pictures but I think I was just enjoying myself too much! I'm going to check out Fantasy's regular prices and judge if I can ever afford to visit again... I'm excited for Wednesday night as Kari will be coming back to go to Ageha for an event she was able to get us both free tickets for so hopefully that'll be more fun than being pushed around at Atom!