Tuesday, 25 October 2011

we will rock you!

none of the things in this post have happened yet but they will, and soon!

so after all my stress the past month or so what with pay getting fucked up and being broken up with and shiz I'm excited that this next week is going to reintroduce me back into the wild that I used to love with a passion!

I will get my deposit from my guesthouse back on Thursday and thats when the fun starts from! Thursday I am meeting with the lovely and freshly returned Mitsu when we have a date to get our extensions done and I will get my hair cut too.. it hasn't been cut since February and desperately needs it! Then I believe we are meeting the also lovely Alanna who is in Japan for the very first time and we are going to introduce her to the ways of kiwi sours (and possibly hosts), but definitely fun :D

On Friday, a friend is coming to visit and will be the first guest in my new apartment :D we are super excited about our plans; we have a host club we want to go to, and are going to warm up on cheap shokai at another club, then head to Atom.. I might be dead at work the next day but whatever! The next day its the Halloween party at the bar that held the Yukata festival so we are going to go there for a little but I think my ex is possibly helping out so I don't know how much I want to be around him; I might have to look uber fabulous and show him what a douche he was...

No, thats not an end to the partying! On Wednesday the same friend will be back and she has amazingly scored us both free tickets to Steve Aoki at Ageha so we will be partying again! I already have an outfit planned for this one but I'm not letting on what it is!!

There's not much to say other than how excited I am for all this to happen, it's been a while since I've been partying, and even longer since I had two days off together to enjoy it with!! Let alone partying on BOTH those days!

Hosts better watch out, getting ma hurr layered hunty ^^