Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Welcome to my new apartment ^-^

So there have been a few problems with this one, the biggest being that work didn't actually pay me this month so I was worried that I wouldn't actually get to move in OR be able to pay my final rent at the guesthouse but I was able to get the majority of my pay in cash so I could get everything sorted. That and the gas didn't get turned on until Tuesday so I had no hot water or gas or washing machine for a few days which SUCKED and now I have a cold  because I was washing my hair in cold water >.<
But enjoy the pictures!

I know, I know, hold your laughter at my ingenious toilet sign...

These are the thank you cards and photos I have from my students ^-^

Polaroids of students and drinking buddies ^^


The essentials; booze, bento and tea ^-^

I'm finding myself head over heels for the 100Yen store right now; nothing in the apartment that I had to buy (the tablecloth, the pegs and basket, the tea-tin, amongst others) has been over 100Yen which has really been a help while I wait for the rest of my pay. Once that gets here I'll go to Loft and get some cute bits that cost a little more but I can't knock the cheap stores for cute stuff that makes an apartment feel homey! It's especially good to take advantage of seeing as I don't know if I'll be here after April in case my visa application is unsuccessful; I won't have spent a fortune on stuff and I can happily leave it behind... all except the best bits anyway!

Did you notice the alpacas hiding everywhere? Hahahaha... It worries me though, I seem to be turning into my mother because I'm now super house proud and want to do all my laundry and washing straight away to keep it nice! Next week the house is potentially getting its first guest so I want to get it all done and dusted before then hahaha.. need to buy some more kitchen stuff, and get the living area more friendly instead of just a square of carpet with some alpacas LOL! But other than that, I'm super happy in my little nest ^-^

But I just keep thinking to myself... I have my very first apartment... and it's in Japan... wtf?! LOL