Saturday, 8 October 2011

Little things...

This is a mini continuation of a post I made on my old blog talking about the pros and cons of teaching children here in Japan.. this is definitely a swing to the PRO side!
Last time I showed two photos of myself and my ultimate favourite student, Riku, with his brother. Today is Riku day and I was gutted that he missed his class. His brother is in the next class so I was thinking OK, I can see Sora and I'll have to wait for next week to get my hugs. Left the classroom to find Riku slamming into my stomach, and his mum told me that he's sick but he wanted to come to class to see me so he came to Sora's class instead. The kid spent the hour sitting by my side, helping me teach the toddlers, and afterwards came up and held his arms out like he wanted to be picked up so I picked him up.. he gave me the biggest hug ever, and just clung on like he never wanted to go home! There are stressful as hell times teaching children but that has got to show hands down why the job is worth it. 

It's just a short post but I wanted to make sure anyone reading this who wants to come to Japan is aware that it might not be the most awesome job but there are kids who will literally melt your heart and just make your day. It just takes one kid to make you forget about all the screaming bratty ones ^^