Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back with a gets vengeance :D

It's been a while! I was thinking about making a gets post when I suddenly realised how long it's been since I even did one of those and unfortunately that means you all get to see why I'm broke most of the time O.o
Heaven&Earth distressed...leggings? Jeggings? Who knows.. they were discounted because of an event in Osaka OPA and they freaking fit! The stretch waist is awesome :D

W*C leopard print jeans.. I was coveting these and then Mitsu and I decided to do a W*C leopard twin for visiting Universal Studios while we were in Osaka...  They are a little snug around the waist but they are fine other than that

Another W*C get. I love the way this shirt hangs ^^

The inevitable Glad News ^^ I LOVE this hoody! It's nice and oversized with studs on the pocket, and the hood has a black fur mohawk and a skull print on it ^^ On the downside, Glad News Lumine shopstaff are starting to recognise me and what I like...

This is super recent; I needed a warm coat and made the fatal mistake of visiting the Azul by Moussy store in Shinjuku where I found this gem ^^ It was a tad more than I would have liked to pay for a winter coat but it's so damn warm, and goes with a lot of my clothes so I can't ask for more than that ^^

These are from a random store in Shinjuku. My Uggs are desperately wearing out fast and I wanted a cheap pair that would go with more of my clothes now my wardrobe is mostly grey and black (my Uggs are tan) so I fell totally in love with these with their studs and sparkle ^^

These came from Forever 21 and are lovely boots BUT I only wore them twice before the heel on the further boot broke! So they have been retired until I remember to take them to get reheeled at the store near work!

These are nice cheap and simple boots that came from WEGO in Tsudanuma Parco. I was super jealous of Mitsus Laguna Moon boot purchase in Osaka but I couldn't afford them so I was so happy to find some nice comfy boots that keep my feets warm ^^ They're a little big as WEGO only seem to have sizes M and L and I'm definitely an S but they aren't uncomfortable so it's OK

And finally... working with kids means that if they find something about my outfit amusing or cool, they will love it, or even copy it.. I have a bunch of these character socks because the kids think it's so funny.. I have a pair that have the aliens from Toy Story on them and I've actually twinned with a student before! His mum saw them and told him then he told me he would wear them next week and would I wear mine ^^ I should have got a picture haha... maybe next time! Before I had the characters I had a lot of mismatched socks and one student started mismatching her socks because I was doing it... other than the socks, I have a lot of students telling me I'm a cool teacher because I have exte, or tattoos, or piercings, or colours in my hair.. I remember when I was hosting with Kari one host asked what i do and was shocked that I was teaching cihldren.. he said if he had children and their teacher looked like me he wouldn't let his kids be in my class ahahaha host get your priorities straight, I might not look like a teacher but I'm a damn good one (in this country anyway) ^^

Sorry for such an epic gets post but it's out of the way until the next time I forget to update :D Oooh not pictured is a necklace I got from Shinjuku Topshop. It's a chain with spikes on it and it's super Glad News ^^ One of the staff there made a big fuss that she had the matching bracelet :D love it ^^