Monday, 28 November 2011

Speaking of which...

I wrote about my character socks that I can twin with one of my students and since then I have recieved an awesome gift (one of several) from my students that makes me so happy to think I'm someone who matters to them in their lives ^^ read on for gushiness...

OK first of the presents! At our Halloween party, several students wanted to take photos with me but theres one kid who is a bit problematic and for some reason he's decided that I'm his favourite teacher of the moment so there were many many *many* photos with just him. Sadly, my camera battery died right at that point so I couldn't get any pictures of my own but he came to school the week after and presented me with a little Stitch photo book with two of the pictures in it; he had chosen it because my costume was Stitch and he really wanted me to have the pictures after his mum told him I didn't have any.. sadly it's currently at school being squee-ed over by several members of staff so I have no photos but there are photos of others!! He also did a homework on the letter L recently and where he had to draw a picture of something starting with L he drew me and wrote 'I love you'... love it :D

I've mentioned my little boyfriend Riku several times now; he's just in love with me and gives me a hug when he leaves, kisses me on the hand instead of hi-fiving me... he's just adorable... I already have a photo of him, his younger brother and me in my kitchen, and they just made my month (and the rest of the year) by coming into school on Sunday and presenting me with this

This is a collage that their dad made for them of photos of them, and photos of me with them, and one of just me. They told him they wanted me to have one, had it laminated, then made me cry by giving it to me and hugging me... I was worried I wouldn't do well in this job when I came to Japan, and now I'm the most popular teacher in a school of over 500 kids, and they love me so much they want me to have things like this, let alone have their own version hanging in their room at home.. I literally am in love with these kids. mine is now pinned right by my laptop, not in the place where all my school and student based pictures etc go. This one is special ^^

And finally, back to the socks... I have two students who are in private classes because they specifically requested me as their teacher. They are the most adorable twins called Misuzu and Ryosei. They came to the Halloween Party dressed as adorable little maids... when looking at this photo do remember that they are brother and sister, and the twin in blue is Ryosei, the brother.. he's so pretty!

On Sunday morning I was sad cause I couldn't find my Stitch socks that I wanted to wear, then my feet got wet on the way to school (stupid typhoon soaking the inside of my fake Uggs and them still not being dry) so I had to go buy new socks and wound up with Gloomy Bear ones. The twins turned up for their class wearing kids versions of the Stitch ones, and I told their mum I was sad because I would have matched..

They turned up at school today all excited, and gave me a bag from the store I buy my socks from downstairs that sells lots of character goods. I had to teach a class but they left with the message that it was for Sunday so after class I opened the bag and found...

Three new pairs of socks that their mum told one of the staff match three of their pairs of socks so I can match them... I can't get over how sweet and lovely it is that they thought of the idea, and that their mum bought the socks for me, and brought them to me the very next day... it's just... words don't describe how happy it makes me that I'm doing this; I sure as hell wasn't getting any rewards like this working at Caffe Nero...

Here are some photos from Halloween Party to keep you squeeing ^^

Riku and his lil buddy Yusuke hiding under a table

Yuri (7) and Miki (4), sisters I have a private class with ^^

Riku, Tawa and her friend... I LOVED Tawa's Kiki costume

One of my smartest students, Tomoaki, dressed as Harry Potter ^^ he says he loves the books so much.. respect to this kid!