Thursday, 8 December 2011


i find myself being super busy lately, and not having the time, or the willpower, to write, so maybe tonight will just be short and effortless but i'm going to put some pictures in there too!!

just an update post really though :P got you in :P

hmm well the willpower for writing has been sapped by my air conditioner unit being broken for the past week, making it hard to type for long cause i get cold fingers without the heat setting blasting! this is where a smaller apartment would be good seeing as the place would get warm from hairdryer, cooking, general warmth but not here! it's icy! i've got a cheap tiny heater but it doesn't do much, and i'm using my hairdryer to get my bed warm before i get in *first world problems*

so like i said, i've not been up to a lot recently, other than lovely karaoke outings with nicola, hanging around shinjuku with ellie, and *drumroll* hanging with the new boyfriend a lot! so you might have guessed a while ago that meeting up with hama a lot might turn into something more, and it did... officially, we started dating a month or so ago, and last week he invited me to his parents house for new years, so i think it's a little more serious than shunta, but time will tell.. one things certain though, i'm so nervous if he doesn't mail for a long time cause i think he's doing the same thing as shunta and just breaking up like that, but so far he's always mailed back eventually! i couldn't do much for his birthday on monday so last friday we went to see a band called nocturnal bloodlust who are his favourite japanese band (if you find em on youtube and like them, their vocalists twitter is hirowearsprada :D).. they were good! i'm not a fan of heavier or more metal vkei music usually but i enjoyed them! a lot more than the other bands that came on afterwards.. they were dire, and a little toooooo similar to versailles but again, for anyone interested they were called scarlet valse

i said there would be pictures and so here you are; the most recent purikura ^^
me and hama, official first couple purikura >.<

gahh i fail, i wrote takora instead of nicora >.< sorry!!

theres lots of me and nicola as we didn't get to meet for several months so we have made up for it by taking multiple sets of purikura when we have met! we have also tested some machines aside from our faithful bambi-na 2, and found one which gives nicola amazing eyes, and the one the last two pictures are from which makes us both look cute and has good stuff for decorating :D

so that's it really, short and uninteresting but better than nothing.. and it's got me out of my bed seeing as i have to wait until around 1am for hama to get here after work (if he doesn't miss the last train!) back to reading now i think :P