Sunday, 6 May 2012

Golden Week

This week was Golden Week, glorious week where I only have to work 2 days ^^ We had made some plans but because Jun was sick with flu for most of the week we only actually had Saturday and Sunday to go out. During my two days of work we spent time making Koinobori decorations and beginning to learn to write. It's a little hard because my students are all only 3 so they're not so good at holding pencils properly but I need to get them writing!
We saw a tv segment about a big market at Makuhari Messe (near my home) and decided we would go look.. it was cool to walk around and I got to eat some Okinawan takoraisu, and ice-cream. We saw a cool workshop station that created amazing sculptures from junk. Some of them were mechanized, like a giant bug and a crow.. they were scary.. We also stumbled into an AKB48 surprise live.. There was a stage for Bay FM, a Chiba radio station, and some of AKB were being interviewed so I got a little bored, not understanding a lot, but they announced they would sing.. it was only two songs but one of them was Heavy Rotation, the only song I really know, so I enjoyed it actually...

Today we headed to Ueno Park to the zoo as we recently found out they have Giant Pandas again! When I first came to Japan in 2008 I wanted to see the panda but it died several months before I could go >.< This time there are two, Ri-Ri and Shin-Shin, and they were just chillllllin and nomming on their bamboo.. the rest of the zoo was cool too, but kind of hot.. at least the thunderstorm happened later..
So all in all I've had a nice Golden Weekend! Now I need to get back into the swing of work and make it through the next few weeks until Mitsu arrives, then a little partying and before I know it, Jun and I will be at Narita getting the plane to England ^^